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Television aerial repair

All installation engineers at Evett Television are trained not only to install new digital TV, FM or DAB radio aerials but also to recognise the fact that an aerial may not be at the end of its life and to be able to effect economical repairs should the customer require.

We will quite happily replace a lashing kit, broken masting, the coaxial cable or any other component part of the aerial rig giving rise to bad or poor reception.

Our main aim is to get a quality signal to your audio video equipment so that you can have the home cinema experience worthy of your investment.

We pride our company in only carrying out the required work to achieve the best possible reception and will only ever do what is necessary or requested by the customer.

Quite a large number of aerials get broken because of improper installation or substandard materials. We only supply and install high quality galvanised bracketry and aluminium masting from British manufactures. All our coaxial cable is of the CT100 type and carries the CAI Benchmark stamps. Not the cheapest on the market but components that have been designed to last in all weather conditions if installed correctly.

Although we would highly recommend installation by a professional, especially where any roof work is concerned, all materials are available to buy from our showroom at 19 Moor Street Congleton should you wish to complete your own DIY repairs.

Of course we are also on hand to give quality advice about the installation of materials purchased from ourselves.

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