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TV aerial installation

With the advent of digital television recieved via a terrestrial UHF aerial the need for quality aerials, amplifier equipment and professional installation is paramount.

Although DIY installation is not impossible, with factors like Bit Error Rate (BER), Modulation Error Ratio (MER) and Noise Margin being equally if not more important than the signal strength alone, it is highly reccomended to use a qualified technician to install such aerials.

Here at Evett Television all our installation engineers carry spectrum analysers to measure all the above parameters and more, ensuring the correct aerial is fitted to acheive minimum / maximum signal levels and that amplifiers are only fitted, when these minimum levels are recieved, in order to overcome cable losses and not relied upon to enhance a none existant signal.

The aerials that we use are manufactured to the high standards set by the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) as is the galvanised (not painted) bracketry and aluminium (not steel) masts used to secure the aerial for a strong, reliable and visually pleasing installation.

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