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Satellite TV reception installation

Should the array of terrestrial TV channels not be of sufficient choice or you are looking to receive foreign European language channels to broaden your horizons, then Evett Television can offer a wide range of satellite receiving equipment other than the standard Sky Boxes.


In deciding what equipment to invest in you should consider the type of channels that you want to watch.


This will lead you to the particular satellite or satellites broadcasting those channels and programs.


Each satellite positioned in the geostationary orbit called the "Clarke Belt" will have a different footprint dictating the size of satellite dish required to receive a suitable signal in your particular location.


We are normally carrying stock of dishes ranging in size from 45cm to 1.1m.


Currently there are over forty different satellites in the skies above the UK broadcasting thousands of digital TV stations and news feeds.


You now have the choice of whether to choose a fixed satellite dish receiving from one satellite only, a dual or multi feed system capable of receiving two four satellites from a single dish with DiSEqC switching or an all singing and dancing motorised satellite system that will automatically track the skies to receive from the satellites within your particular window on the Clarke Belt. This may be limited due to trees or surrounding buildings.


The siting and alignment of the dish are crucial for the optimum performance of your satellite system; this can become more apparent in bad weather conditions if care has not been taken to position the dish away from neighbouring trees, bushes or other such solid objects and to correctly align the dish to the required satellite some 22,223 miles away in orbit.


As fewer and fewer satellites now transmit any analogue stations it is becoming near impossible to make the necessary alignment adjustments to receive good quality digital signals without the aid of a specialist meter or spectrum analyser.


Next is to choose which satellite receiver you should invest in, should you consider High Definition, a Personal Video Recorder or PVR type or just a standard definition receiver. The choice can be endless so why not call into our showroom where we can demonstrate many of the systems on offer.

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