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Satellite Reception Problems

Most satellite reception problems can be identified in one of four areas as follows:-

  1. The Satellite set top box receiver:- it is quite common for many of the different maufacturer receivers to have problems with power supply failure. Wether the brand be Thomson, Amstrad, Pace, Humax, Samsung, Grundig, Technomate or Manhattan it may be worth just un-plugging the mains power to the receiver for a few seconds and then re-powering as this can clear many faults.
  2. The Satellite Dish:- correct alignment of the dish is imperative, a few millimeters misalignment at the dish can mean an error of a few kilometers in relation to the satellite's orbitalposition. The Low Noise Block or LNB is a highly complex piece of electronics that is subject to all kinds of different weather conditions. The LNB will quite offten be faulty if only on some of the channels received. Spares can be purchased here.
  3. The Cable between Dish & Receiver:- the quality and condition of the cable can make a huge differnce to satellite reception, particually if there is a long distance between the dish and receiver. Use the best quality CAI approved cable and avoid joining it if possible.
  4. The Satellite Dish Location:- there must be a clear line of sight view from the satellite dish to the satellite in orbit. The signal will not pass through objects such as trees, bushes or buildings. If your dish was fitted several years ago or is about to be installed consider the growth of trees and bushes in front of the dish.

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